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A lot of people really like enjoying and creating videos with TikTok (previously called It’s becoming their choice of social media platform. There are actually about 600 million videos are posted everyday by its 100 million users. This makes TikTok a platform with the largest collection of videos available for sharing and streaming. Video posted in TikTok must not be more than a minute but not less than 15 seconds. And users simply like to make their own videos or share their favorites. Themes of the videos are of any kind. These could be lip-syncing or dancing videos or humorous movie quotes. In short, once you believe you have the best video to have a few laughs or interest, you are ready to share it. And you can edit videos on your cellphone with the best application or editing system. With that in mind today's article will focus on helping you download TikTok videos to your PC or phone. Download TikTok Videos to your Personal Phones If you are utilizing iPhone or Android mobile phones, you should have no issue using TikTok app. Once downloaded, open the application on your cellular device and locate the Account icon. This is located on the main window of the app, on the bottom right side. Tap the video you want to download to your phone. Choose the video on the list on your profile page. It should immediately play. On that playing page at the lower right section, you’ll find a “Share” icon. Tap it to see different share options and pick the “Download” option. You can find the downloaded video on your phone’s camera roll. Use TikTok Video Downloader App You can find these apps at the Google Play store. Just select one TikTok Video Downloader application from the store that you choose, download it on your cellular gadget. When you have the application to work, open TikTok and find the video on the list you want to download. Tap the Share icon and you will then see that the video will immediately play. The Copy Link option ought to be chosen. The link copied will be utilized in your TikTok video downloader you simply installed. Paste the link on the downloader app. On your screen, a video preview pop out and after this. you will be provided the choice to save the file as on image or a video. This technique is faster when compared to previous approach mentioned above. Make use of an Email as your TikTok Video Downloader Sharing it by email is among the choices you can find when the Share button is tapped. With it, we'll be able to utilize an Email as our choice of TikTok video downloader. Make use of the above methods until you reach the Share button. On the list of option, select the Email option in sharing. Be sure to fill the information and then proceed. Emailed video must be received by the receiver. Open the e-mail to download the video either within your phone or computer. Now you can download TikTok videos easily just by following the given guidelines. You will not be requiring a lot of time only to download a video in TikTok. Even only a few minutes will do just fine. Click Here    
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